MIRCONA Products

The MIRCONA product line consists of turning and milling tools, with related cemented carbide, ceramic or ultra-hard diamond or boron nitride indexable inserts, divided into four product sectors:

1. Turning tools:

The MIRCONA name is synonymous with parting-off and grooving tools, a niche product, in which MIRCONA has specialized, and offers the largest standard tool range on the world market. MIRCONA conventional turning tools manufactured in a comprehensive range to ISO standards. The MIRCONA micro-lubrication system, enabling the elimination of conventional cutting fluids, normally being applied for turning tools. MIRCONA tool system “ZERO VIBRATION TOOLING” is applied to completely eliminate or reduce vibrations generated during the turning process.

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2. Milling tools:

MIRCONA offers a vast range of milling cutter bodies manufactured to ISO standards covering most conventional milling operations. MIRCONA is also offering an extensive range of groove and slot milling cutters, covering most types of groove and slot milling operations.

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3. Boring heads:

A range of MIRCONA boring heads with which axial grooves, trepanning or alternatively internal ”turning” can be made with a rotating tool in a milling machine or a machining centre.

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4. Customer adapted tooling:

Specially adapted tools manufactured in accordance with your requirements and instructions - MIRCONA can offer you specially adapted tool holders and inserts for most machining applications. To save time and cost the extensive MIRCONA range on standard cutting tools is utilised, which, with as few modifications as possible, are converted into exactly the special purpose tool required by you to solve your machining problems.

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