MIRCONA Press Releases

MIRCONA new tooling system ZVT - ”ZERO VIBRATION TOOLING” - ”vibration killer” for all types of turning operations.
The new MIRCONA tooling system ZVT - ”ZERO VIBRATION TOOLING” – the “vibration killer” for all types of turning operations

One of the most costly problems modern production technology faces is vibrations in machining systems. No other factor within sophisticated production systems causes such high costs as vibrations in machine tool, cutting tool or machined work-piece. The unwanted results of vibrations in machining systems are lower productivity and loss of product quality.
To rationally take measures against this machining problem therefore constitutes a fundamental ingredient of the rationalisation process, aiming at an increased productivity of the future production system.
MIRCONA, the Swedish cutting tool manufacturer, is launching a proposed solution to this complex of problems, by the introduction of a new, and of its kind, unique tool system ZVT – “ZERO VIBRATION TOOLING”. The tool system is used to completely eliminate or reduce vibrations during the machining process of turning.

MIRCONA parting-off and grooving tools manufactured according to customers requirement.
MIRCONA customer adapted parting-off and grooving tools.
MIRCONA, the Swedish specialist on parting-off and grooving tools, manufactures and delivers a vast number of especially adapted parting-off and grooving tools, made in accordance with requirements and desires of the end-user. To save time and cost the extensive MIRCONA range on standard parting-off and grooving tools is utilised, which with as few modifications as possible are converted into exactly the special purpose tool that is required to solve the current machining problem that the customer is facing.