MIRCONA Product News



MIRCONA tooling system ZVT “ZERO VIBRATION TOOLING” is used to completely eliminate or reduce vibrations that are generated during the machining process of turning. ZVT consists of a specially designed vibration dampening system which is combined with a “conventional” standard tool holder, that along the part of the tool shank intended to be mounted in the turret, is enveloped by a protecting steel capsule covering the vibration dampening material.
The vibrations generated on the cutting edge pass through the tool holder, through the vibration dampening material, where the vibration energy through molecular friction is transformed into heat energy, resulting in a stable machining.
The steel capsule is supplied in two alternative formats - completely cylindrical (C) for hydraulic tool clamping devises or with a flat on the upper side of the tool shank (F) for VDI-holders, supplied with screws for mounting of the tool holder. To use the system for external machining the tool holder must be supplied with a round shank, and be used with a hydraulic mounting device or VDI-holder.
When making tool selection the standard “front tool shank diameter” is selected as customary in accordance with the work-piece that should be machined, and the “rear clamping diameter” is selected as large as possible to achieve best possible conditions for an effective damping.
The MIRCONA ZVT-system is patented and patent pending in many countries.